These terms and conditions apply to all the requests that the website www.rapidotranslations.com receives for a provision for translation services and to the provision of the services following a client accepting the quote from www.rapidotranslations.com.

By accepting a quote then you agree to the terms and conditions below. The website www.rapidotranslations.com offers translation services for businesses or individual clients looking to translate documents. CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED, Lagos, Nigeria deals with a number of translators and works in many different languages. All content on this website is copyrighted to the owner.  




  1. All requests for translation services made to CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED – rapidotranslations.com is made subject to these terms and conditions.
  2. A contract does not exist between the parties until the quote provided by CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED has been accepted by the client. Once the quote has been accepted then there is a contact between the two parties in respect to the services which have been outlined in the quote.
  3. CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED will issue a quote once a client has uploaded documents on to the website to be requested to be translated.
  4. CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED reserves the right to decline to issue a quote or to provide any translation services if the source material contains anything that CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED finds, at its sole discretion, is offensive or contrary to any law or otherwise deemed inappropriate by CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED. 




  1. All clients must first make an account before requesting any translation services or entering into a contract with CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED rapidotranslations.com.
  2. Once CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED has received in the form of a payment the full amount that has been specified on the invoice then it will provide the translation services. 
  3. The client is responsible for providing CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED with all of the relevant information in order to carry out the translation and is also responsible for ensuring that all of this information is relevant and accurate. 
  4. CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED is not responsible for reviewing the source materials or documents for any inaccuracies and has no liability to review the source material for any errors. 
  5. Once the translation services has been completed and provided there is no outstanding money owned from the client then the translation will be delivered immediately to the client. 
  6. There are three delivery options available to the client which they must specify ahead of the contract being made. These are: 
  • Not urgent, which will be provided in 5-7 business days 
  • 24 hour translation service 
  • Urgent same day translation service 




  1. The client will pay all of the fees that have been specified in the quote and these are due for payment as soon as the invoice has been received. 
  2. All payments must be made in full. 
  3. The billing descriptor is as follows: CGLRPT, LAGOS




  1. CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED will only ever offer a refund to the client in respect of the services in the following cases: 
    • The translation is no longer required and the client terminates the contract.
    • The translation is not delivered in the specified time frame. 
    • If the translation is significantly different from the source material that was requested, for example if it was in the wrong language. 
  2. All requests for refunds mist be made within 10 working days of the translation having been submitted to the client. 
  3. All requests for refunds must be made in writing. 




  1. The client warrants to CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED that:
    • It owns or has all the necessary rights in the source materials in order to be able to submit them for translation and that by doing so it is not infringing on any intellectual property rights of any third party. 
    • It will not submit or upload anything to the website that could damage or interfere with the website function. 
    • It has the authority to enter into an agreement with CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED and that it will meet all obligations of this agreement. 
  2. The client indemnifies CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED against any losses, costs including legal costs, expenses, demands or liability whether direct or otherwise arising out of a claim by a third party where the claim arises from a breach of any of the information or warranties made by the client. 




  1. CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED warrants that it has authority to enter into and to perform all of the obligations under its agreement with the client. 
  2. All warranties, terms and conditions (which includes, without limitation, warranties and conditions as to fitness or purpose of merchantability) whether expressed or implied by statute or common law are excluded by CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED to the extent permitted by law. 
  3. All legal proceedings will be governed by local jurisdiction. 




  1. The client may, without clause, terminate a contract at any time up until 30 minutes after the first payment has been made and been received.
  2. A termination must be arranged through written notice to CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED within the agreed timeframe. 
  3. Without limiting any other rights, CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED may terminate the contract on written notice to the client if the client fails to pay the full overdue amount. 
  4. Upon termination of a contract then any amounts due to CESARIA GLOBAL LIMITED will be immediately payable. 




If you have any questions about the terms and conditions which have been outlined here then please get in touch and someone will respond to you.  



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